These projects are not individually part of our Annual Budget.


HHUG reserves a small amount of funds each year for some programs or projects that come to our attention during the year and are deserving of support. We also act as a conduit for some situations that we know about and/or learn about in a given year.

Sherry’s Gift

A Special Project

In memory of our friend, Sherry Wallace, who died in August 2017


In April, 2016, HHUG received an exceptionally generous donation from Sherry, a friend of one of our Members. The amount was $5000. This is our biggest donation to date. In making her request, Sherry asked that the money be spent in such a way as to guarantee that none of the donation went to any agency where it might be used for Administrative costs. She wanted to be sure it all went to provide food and personal hygiene items directly to those in need. She felt strongly that HHUG was an organization that could and would honor her request. To ensure her wishes were followed, HHUG members decided to personally be involved in purchasing the items and delivering them to the programs we selected.


Because of Sherry’s health, HHUG Members wanted to expedite her request. We also felt it was important to include Sherry in this project as much as possible. After deciding on the recipient programs, HHUG members were assigned a program and coordinated the purchases of items. The enthusiasm for this project by HHUG members was heartfelt from the moment it started.   Often times the coordinator at the receiving program wanted to participate in the shopping as well. The enthusiasm was definitely contagious. Each member took pictures and wrote about the experience, including the shopping, the distribution and the impact to those in need receiving the benefit of Sherry’s Gift. These were all shared with Sherry via e-mail over the course of May and June. Sherry was overwhelmed by the impact of her gift and amazed at how many individuals and families benefited by her donation. She has repeatedly expressed gratitude that HHUG honored her wishes to the letter.


Sherry’s Gift touched many lives, in many different ways. She was able to reach many in our community and provide hope with donations of food and personal hygiene products. She touched the lives of HHUG members as well.  She trusted us to carry out her specific wishes and the experience was incredibly rewarding on so many levels. And, because we were able to include her in every project through our pictures and correspondence, Sherry’s Gift also touched the donor, Sherry. Sherry is forever changed by this act of generosity. We all are.


Each Member sought out groups/programs/projects that seemed to fit the specific criteria Sherry had set-forth and made recommendations for all members to consider. After discussion, HHUG collectively identified the following 13 groups to receive Sherry’s gift. Members did the shopping and delivery to ensure we were honoring Sherry’s wishes.



• Bethune Transitional Program – Long Beach Unified School District


• California State University Fullerton:  Food Bank for Students


• California State University Dominguez Hills:  Food Bank for Students


• Cover the Homeless Ministry – Los Angeles


• Emmanuel Presbyterian Church – Deacons Food Bank, Long Beach


• Gardena High School – Gardena


• Golden West College – Veteran’s Food Bank


• Lakewood First United Methodist Church – Broken Loaf Pantry


• Long Beach City Multi-Service Center


• Meals on Wheels – Long Beach Region


• Mental Health America Los Angeles – Long Beach


• Outreach We Care – Los Angeles Skid Row


• St. Andrews Missionary Baptist Church Food Bank – Los Angeles

Kid’s Consignment

Los Angeles

A Special Project

2013 - 2016










Kid’s Consignment L. A. has frequent sales of consigned items for babies and kids in four varied locations throughout L.A. County.  At the end of each sale, HHUG and some other charities are invited to pick up unsold donations at no cost.


We fill our cars with gently used items which we take to Cover The Homeless Ministry in South Los Angeles (kids clothes), St. Anne’s Home for teen mothers and their babies in Silver Lake (clothes, toys, and blankets), Love Gives Foster Closet in Long Beach (clothes and toys) and three high schools in Long Beach with programs designed to help teen parents remain in school (infant clothes, toys and accessories). These groups are delighted to distribute the items; the recipients are delighted to have such nice things for their babies and tots; and HHUG is delighted to be facilitators.


Thanks to both the Chief Executive Officer and the Charity Coordinator, HHUG has been able to participate at four events over the past three years. We appreciate them and look forward to continuing to partner with them in this worthy endeavor.




The total numbers of homeless, needy and mentally ill who were touched by this donation really cannot be determined.  We do know that it approaches 1000, if not more.

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