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October 13th 2012


HHUG event







A very sincere and heartfelt


to all who attended and contributed !

Your generous support allows HHUG to continue, in fact, expand, our work with

programs and projects that directly provide assistance to the homeless and mentally ill and also to youth in foster care who are transitioning to college and/or vocational training.


We also want to thank our many Volunteers and Friends of HHUG who worked tirelessly to make this a successful event and an evening filled with laughter, fun and surprises.

We just could not be successful

without your help.


You have

touched lives that desperately need help.


Thank you again for your support and trust.



Articles from 2013

With our heartfelt appreciation to all of our Friends of HHUG, volunteers, friends and supporters, our Members wish each of you, your families and those you cherish a wonderful and blessed Holiday Season.


As the year draws to a close and we begin planning for our 2014 Projects and Programs, we are reminded of how impossible this would be if not for all of you.  With your ongoing support, financially and through your help and presence at our Fund Raising Events, HHUG now extends its outreach to 15 such programs,  including three monthly Food Banks.  Because you trust us to continue HHUG’s outreach to the homeless and mentally ill , we invite you to check-in anytime on our website to see what’s happening or give us a call.


AGAIN, with our collective thanks, please enjoy a beautiful, joyous and safe Season of love.

Maryellen Bleach

has been knitting caps for about 4 or 5 years. She uses an interesting looking loom called a Knifty Knitter to make knit caps for adults and babies. It takes her about 3 or 4 hours to knit one adult size cap and she does this while watching TV – as she says; ” I just can’t watch TV, I need to be doing something with my hands”. She makes adult size caps for the John French Cancer Center and, using a smaller loom, makes baby caps for the  newborn centers for several local hospitals.  Her projects often become a family affair – her husband, Don, is her best assistant when the yarn gets tangled, as it has a tendency to do. She buys her yarn on-line from Jo-Ann Fabrics. It isn’t unusual to see the UPS delivery man at her doorstop with a huge box of yarn, maybe two! Maryellen is involved in many charitable organizations, travels extensively, enjoys playing table tennis and lawn bowling. In 2013, Maryellen donated 100 adult-size knit caps to HHUG for our 2013 Winter Project for the homeless.

Knitting Angels

Kay Matthews,

a Friend of HHUG, has been knitting up a storm since 2012. Kay learned to knit in college but stopped after a while. She took it up again when she learned HHUG needed knitted scarves for our 2012 Winter Project for the homeless. Looking for some expert knitting advice, Kay joined a group of knitters in Leisure World. She loves the weekly group discussions on a variety of topics, including knitting. She has learned new techniques and has expanded her knitting projects to include Prayer Shawls for her church. She combines her love of knitting with another love – the Los Angeles Lakers. During basketball season she can be found watching her beloved Lakers and knitting.  In 2012 Kay knitted approximately 75 scarves for the HHUG Winter Project. For 2013 she set a goal of 100 scarves and met that goal!


Another wonderful gift Kay received from the knitting group – a new friend, Sherie Vanek – another knitter, another HHUG angel.

Leisure World is a retirement community in Seal Beach, California. HHUG has many Leisure World residents that provide support for our many projects. We are highlighting three of these talented, generous angels with special recognition for their support of HHUG projects in 2013.

has been in the Leisure World knitting group for almost 4 years. She not only knits but crochets. She knits beautiful shawls for everyone in her family and loves making baby caps. She enjoys making the baby caps because, as she says laughingly; “I love short projects”. For several years, Sherie has knitted baby caps for Stitches From The Heart, a nationwide organization that provides knitted caps and blankets for newborn babies. Sherie does put the knitting needles down once in a while to play table tennis, another pastime she loves.  She loves teaching and is happy to share her skills with others. Kay has been the beneficiary of Sherie’s teaching this past year and a strong and wonderful friendship has developed. Sherie learned of HHUG from Kay and donated 100 of her many baby caps to HHUG in 2013 for babies that are entering the foster care system.


HHUG is very grateful to these “knitting angels”.

Sherie Vanek

Maryellen Bleach with knitting loom and her knit caps.


Kay Matthews with the 100 knit scarves she made in 2013

Kay and Sherie with yarn donated by Leisure World residents

HHUG Members and Friends Support the

Long Beach Multi-Service Center’s Client Appreciation Day

Each December the staff at MSC has a Client Appreciation Day for the many homeless individuals that use their services throughout the year. For the last four years, HHUG has been honored to partner with MSC on this project.  On Monday, December 2, HHUG delivered 36 boxes of warm clothing and personal hygiene products.  The staff at MSC creates gift packs from these items and distributes them to their homeless clients.


This year, with the help of many Friends of HHUG, we were able to deliver a variety of items for men and women such as: 400 pairs of socks, 100 pairs of knit gloves, 40 new coats and jackets, 40 gently used coats and jackets, 300 disposable razors, 100 lip balms, 100 toothbrushes and tooth paste and a large variety of other personal hygiene products as well as small packaged food items. HHUG is blessed to have amazing support year after year from our Friends of HHUG group and so many others who hear of our projects and want to help – we even had two volunteer knitters this year who donated 100 hand knit scarves and 100 hand knit caps! MSC staff were overwhelmed with the amount of items donated and so grateful to all who participated in this project.

Kid’s Consignment L. A. has huge warehouse sales of consigned items for babies and kids every few months.  At the end of each sale, some charities are invited to pick up unsold donations.  HHUG has been one of those charities for the last two Torrance sales.


In November, several of us filled our cars and trunks with items which we then transported to Lincoln Elementary in Long Beach (books), Cover The Homeless Ministry in South Los Angeles (kids clothes), St. Anne’s Home for teen mothers and their babies in Silver Lake (clothes, toys, and blankets) and Love Gives Foster Closet in Long Beach (clothes and toys).  The recipient agencies were thrilled to receive so many very nice, gently used things - things that limited budgets can’t provide in abundance.  And HHUG was thrilled to be able to be facilitators.


Thanks to Kristen Nelson and Ilene Knebel of Kid’s Consignment for making it possible for HHUG to help provide some of our supported projects with these needed items.  We look forward to working with them often in the future.

Kid’s Consignment Provides –

HHUG and Other Agencies Facilitate

In Memory of

Claudette Powers

Our beloved member, Claudette Powers, passed away unexpectedly on November 6, 2013.  Claudette was a remarkable woman of faith, who lived her faith daily in service to her church, her family and her community.  She is remembered by all who knew her as a great communicator and mentor, teaching us all the value and power of positive energy.  One of her many legacies will be the lessons of peace she taught so many through her long association with PeaceBuilders in Long Beach.  Her message was powerful and effective:  If you have peace within, you promote peace in others.

Claudette had a fabulous smile that brightened any room she entered and she gave the most wonderful hugs.  We believe it was destiny that she would find her way to our organization, HHUG.  And we, the members of HHUG, are better for her presence in our lives.  She taught us the rewards of faith, the blessings of friendship and the power of living a life of service.  We miss her very much.  We honor her memory every day as we continue our service to those who are struggling, to those who are in need.

El Molino Guest Home

Celebrates its Grand Opening!



July 31, 2013


El Molino Guest Home is a totally refurbished, inviting Adult Residential Facility in Altadena which provides care, support and supervision of adults from 18 to 59+ years of age. In the Fall of 2012, HHUG became aware of El Molino through our contacts with the San Gabriel Chapter of NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) and their Quality of Life Program. At that time, the property had been vacated, closed and was in marked disrepair.


On July 31, 2013, HHUG Members Clint Arnold, Gladys Nagy and Jane Martin attended the Grand Opening Celebration and could easily see that the renovation project was one of significant accomplishment.  The flowers in front extend a warm welcome to enter.  The Home is colorful, calming; the rooms are very comfortable, with newly refinished dressers, new beds and bedding; all the bathrooms have new tile, fixtures and plumbing; new wood floors now cover the bedrooms rather than carpet; the renovation of the kitchen is like “night and day.”  Congratulations!!
















When NAMI originally spoke with HHUG about their intention to refurbish El Molino and make it a viable community resource, we learned that a company, Hamilton and Maples, LLC, was committed to renovating the entire facility and had hired a site Manager, Beth Frasser, to make sure El Molino would, so to speak, “rise from the ashes.” We visited and met Beth. Her enthusiasm, excitement and “dream” (shared by NAMI) were easy to see.  It was clear that the project would require sound financial funding to restore the property (which it has received) and a motivated outreach to the community to obtain basic, necessary, daily living items to support the residents.


In addition to the support El Molino received from NAMI, Hamilton and Maples and other resources, it was HHUG’s pleasure to donate many of the items needed and in the numbers needed to accommodate 36 residents.  Through HHUG Members, Friends of HHUG, volunteers and many friends, our organization was able to provide basic staples, furniture, towels, blankets, sheets, pillows, pots, pans, dishes, silverware, containers and electric appliances (toasters, coffee pots, microwave oven, etc). We are forever grateful to our wonderful, generous supporters!


We again congratulate all involved in the restoration of El Molino, especially Beth, a determined, knowledgeable young woman with a tender heart who wants desperately to make this program work in the best interests of the residents!  She has repeatedly thanked HHUG and our generous donors.

April 20, 2013



Flapjack Breakfast

On Saturday, April 20, 2013, HHUG held a fund raiser at Applebee’s in Norwalk and our 60 plus guests dined on a filling breakfast of flapjacks, bacon, potatoes, coffee and juice. Some friends came in larger groups, others came as couples, parties of four or individually. Everyone seemed to thoroughly enjoy their time together and shared a fun morning.


HHUG Members were the hostesses, servers and did the busing as well.  We discovered we have hidden talents!  It was easy and we had fun.

HHUG wishes to thank Applebee’s for this unique opportunity.  The Calabee’s Corporation offers non-profit organizations a means by which they can raise money for their identified cause. The Corporation asks the organization to sell 100 Tickets at $10 each and allows the group to keep 50% of the money raised.  It is a most generous offer and we appreciated the chance to do this on behalf of HHUG.

Thanks to all those who joined us for the Flapjack Breakfast and those who bought tickets but could not attend.  Those Tickets were offered to local shelters for use by residents and clients.

JANUARY 24, 2013

Long Beach

Homeless Count



The Long Beach 2013 Homeless Count was conducted by the Multi-Service Center (MSC) staff and 200+ volunteers on Thursday, January 24.  Two HHUG Members, Susan and Jane arrived at 3:30 a.m. to help set up and then check in volunteers.  It was cold, raining, dark and did we mention - it was 3:30 a.m.?


Our first assignment was to help set up the Food Room for the volunteers.  MSC provided the volunteers with a 4 AM breakfast (fruit, granola bars, empanadas, burritos, etc.)  and then lunch after the Count was completed at approximately 10 a.m. (more empanadas, burritos, potato balls, meat pies, fruit, homemade cookies donated by HHUG, chips).   All those foods were donated by community businesses and organizations.


Our second assignment was checking in volunteers as they arrived – this started at 4 a.m. We set up tables outside under portable coverings which would have kept us dry except for the many leaks.  But we didn’t complain – the volunteers who actually went out in teams (4-5 to a team) to count and interview the homeless really had challenges with the weather.  Volunteers were men, women and youth of every age and ethnicity, some retired; some students; some families. Many teams had a homeless person as part of the team.  It really was wonderful to see these “strangers” from all walks of life become a team working together.


Every one of the volunteers persevered with wonderful smiles and great attitudes – anxious to get out and meet with the homeless, interview them and provide them with information on services.  Each Team carried with them backpacks, duffel bags and/or boxes filled with items such as new socks, pre-packaged snack foods, and toiletries for those whom they interviewed.  Count Teams were assigned to 47 different map areas of Long Beach.  When the teams returned from counting they were soaked, cold, smiling and anxious to get another map and go out again.


We were surprised to learn that MSC receives no funding to conduct this Count, which is mandated by HUD to receive continued funding for their homeless programs. So, Elsa Ramos, MSC Coordinator, and her staff not only have to develop the plan for the Count, they also have to find donations for every aspect of implementing the plan.  That makes the HHUG support of this event all the more important and Elsa made that very clear to us – she is very grateful to HHUG and our donors.


A special note to our cookie bakers and baggers:  HHUG provided 400 bags of 3 homemade cookies each to MSC.  They were given to volunteers at lunch and we have been told that the volunteers devoured them with much “gusto and pleasure and came back for more”.


When the outcome of the Count is known, we will post that information on our HHUG website.  Our thanks to you for your continued support of HHUG projects.



June 27th, 2013

Kimberle Powers


In memory of Kim, a beloved member of HHUG, we created a scholarship in her name and decided to award it to a participant in the Academic Bowl, an event jointly sponsored by the Los Angeles County Probation Department  (where Kim was employed) and the Los Angeles County Office of Education, which provides the education for minors in Probation camps, juvenile halls and foster placement.  The $300 scholarship is to be used for books or other supplies needed for post high school education.

The Academic Bowl, modeled after the Academic Decathlon, was held at the Gene Autry Center.  It was a wonderful event and all of the young men and women participants impressed us with their extensive knowledge of all facets of this year’s topic:  Art Through The Ages.


The young man chosen to receive the $300 scholarship scored highest in the qualifying quiz for Academic Bowl participants and second highest on his GED exam.  He has not decided where he will attend school this Fall, but expects it to be a Community College.  According to his father who, along with the family’s toddler, was present to see him receive the award, Community College will most likely be followed by attendance at UCLA.


We all feel that Kim would have been delighted by the scholarship.  She believed wholeheartedly in education and its role in rehabilitation.

HHUG Sends

Love and Shoeboxes

to the

San Gabriel Valley

Chapter of NAMI

HHUG has supported the San Gabriel Valley  Chapter of the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) for several years.  One of our Holiday projects is to buy gifts for residents of Board and Care homes supported by the Quality of Life program of SGV NAMI.  This year, their goal was to provide gifts for the 90 men and women living in those homes in their area.


HHUG members and many, many friends of HHUG enjoyed buying and filling 40 boxes with personal care items, room decorations, socks, games, books, candy, etc.  Some of our wonderful friends even knitted or crocheted beautiful scarves to include in the boxes. We use plastic boxes with sealable lids which allows us to include more items.


We are so glad to be able to make the holidays a bit more joyous for these folks and hope to support the Quality of Life program in other ways throughout the coming year.

Articles from 2014

HALLOWEEN arrives, as if by surprise, reminding us all that the “holiday months” have arrived! The warmth of the summer, and the fall as well, begins to feel the gentle chill of cooler months coming our way! THANKSGIVING approaches and is the perfect moment to once again express our most sincere appreciation to all those who have supported HHUG over these past 6 years. Your contributions make a substantial difference in the lives of those who struggle – it is not a cliché…it is true! CELEBRATIONS OF FAITH AND BELIEF nourish us all during December. To each of you, our Friends of HHUG, volunteers, supporters, friends, your families and those you cherish, our HHUG Members wish you a wonderful and blessed Holiday Season. Our 2015 HHUG BUDGET for PROGRAMS and PROJECTS was recently approved. We were again reminded of how impossible this would be if not for all of you. With your ongoing support, financially and through your help and presence at our Fund Raising Events and activities, HHUG continues to extend its outreach to 18 programs, such as a drop-in resource center for the homeless and mentally ill, three monthly Food Banks, two monthly Community Meals and two programs that support foster youth in their transition to college. We thank you for your continued trust and we invite you to check-in anytime on our website to see what’s happening or give us a call. Happy Holidays to All…





On October 25th, HHUG Members, Friends of HHUG, volunteers and community folks worked together from dawn (as in 5 AM) to dusk – well, actually, it was about 4:20 PM. Our third Yard Sale was off and running and, within an hour or so, our first customer came to check out the jewelry! We enjoyed sunny skies, moderate temperatures, light refreshments and…kept our sanity. Smiles and laughter go a long way on a day of welcomed chaos!


Throughout the nine plus months prior to the event, friends donated box after box and bag after bag of clothing, kitchen items, electronics, furniture, paintings, toys, ceramics, jewelry, holiday decorations, athletic equipment, tools and so much more. All those items remained stored in Jane’s garage for “triage”…of course, toward the end, her car volunteered to live outside for a while!


On a lark, we counted-up the number of hours invested by everyone who worked on the day of the actual event. Are you sitting down? We were shocked to find that 21 of us helped out that day and, collectively, we worked a total of 111.5 hours!! Our gratitude to all those folks is beyond measure!!


The event was a wonderful success – our third such success in three years! We raised over $1550 dollars! HHUG-supported programs and projects for the homeless and mentally ill will benefit directly from these donations.


Our thanks go to every single contributor, every person who donated and to all those who came by and made a purchase.


2014 Super Bunco Fundraiser


On August 9, 2014 HHUG hosted a Bunco Fundraiser for more than 100 Bunco players. It was SUPER in so many ways!


Our guests arrived at 5 p.m. to find a room filled with 70+ opportunity baskets lining the perimeter of the room – lots of oohs and aahs could be heard along with “I want to buy more opportunity tickets!” Everyone was so excited and so generous – we quickly sold out of tickets!


The evening began with a Social Hour of appetizers, sangria and music. The wide-variety of appetizers included fresh fruit, a variety of salads, deviled eggs, sandwiches (traditional and roll ups) and sweet and sour meatballs and so much more. The open bar provided not only wine, but champagne, water and ice tea. All food and drinks were donated by members and our many incredibly generous friends. Lovely piano music was provided by Mr. Hank who has donated his musical talent to many of our fundraising events – we are so grateful to him for his continued support.


For the first time, during the Social Hour HHUG also had a Silent Auction. We had a variety of gift items and baskets to bid on that included sculptures, jewelry, wine and gift certificates. Perhaps the most bid on item was a basket named Got Chocolate? Need we say more? It was filled with, of course, all things chocolate and was in great demand. The Silent Auction was fun for everyone, even those not bidding – we watched bidders hovering over bid tickets to make sure they could get in their winning bid at the last possible second as the clock ticked down to the closing of all bids. All of these wonderful baskets were filled with graciously donated items.


The Social Hour was also a time for guests to visit the many HHUG display tables to learn more about HHUG and our service to the community. There were several tables set up to illustrate “Where your donations go”. These tables were filled with items that we provide to our partners such as cleaned used towels, personal hygiene products and non-perishable food items. There were graduation pictures and success stories of our recent graduates from Cal-State Fullerton who were part of the Guardian Scholars Program for former foster youth.


At 6:30 p.m. the Bunco games began. The place was rocking right through to 8:30 p.m. with laughter and shouts of joy. Periodically during the Bunco games, we paused to have opportunity prize drawings – again, lots of oohs and aahs and applause as we displayed the baskets and pulled the winning names.


After the Bunco games ended, all guests were treated to cake and ice cream and an opportunity to select a nice Bunco prize of their choice.


HHUG paid special recognition to one of our volunteers, Shawnie Greer. Shawnie has worked behind the scenes (in the kitchen!) at all of HHUG’s Bunco events. She donates appetizers, organizes the kitchen, sets out and displays the food on the buffet tables and organizes the cleanup of all dishes and the kitchen. She is a true friend to HHUG and the best Kitchen Mom ever!


It was a wonderful evening of surprises, fun and laughter – and all for a great cause. HHUG is grateful to the many friends of HHUG who attended the event and others who donated funds and opportunity prizes, food, wine and many volunteer hours to make this event so successful. You ROCK!


This was HHUG’s biggest fundraising event and the most successful. Through all of you, we raised over $7000! We thank you all for your continued confidence and support.


This is where your donations go.

HHUG members and friend Sonja Inge, who greeted and served guests

2nd Annual Applebee’s Fundraiser - April 26, 2014

Many supporters purchased tickets to donate to needy families and we invited 2 large, very grateful, families to join us at this event.  We even celebrated the 90th birthday of one of our guests with everyone singing Happy Birthday and sharing his birthday cake!  Elsie Neer and Linda Neer, longtime Friends of HHUG, surprised us all by baking several different kinds of homemade cookies and packaging them in bags. Every guest left with a couple of bags of delicious cookies.  It was a fun morning for a great cause.  With your help we raised over $1100!  HHUG members thank you for your continued support.

Linda and Elsie – Friends of HHUG /Cookie Bakers



Many thanks to our faithful supporters for another very successful Applebee’s Fundraiser! HHUG members arrived early to Applebee’s to help set up for the event and received training from Applebee’s staff on plating the food and serving guests.  The doors opened at 8 a.m. and there was a steady stream of HHUG supporters arriving. Despite the early hour, the restaurant was rocking with music, laughter and fun as HHUG members served coffee, juice and a hearty breakfast of pancakes, eggs, bacon and potatoes.  Winners of the Opportunity Prize Drawing were thrilled to win a $25 gift certificate to Applebee’s, $25 gift certificate to AMC Theatres and a large, beautiful potted plant.

On Tuesday, May 13, 2014, three bright new graduates from the Guardian Scholars Program at California State University, Fullerton, were honored, along with their classmates, at a dinner hosted by the college president, Dr. Mildred Garcia.    HHUG had the privilege of sponsoring these wonderful, gifted and hardworking women since their first days at CSUF, when they joined the Summer Bridge program.


They are Daysi Espinoza, Jennifer Hixon, and Nicole Robinson and each young lady proudly received her Bachelor of Arts degree.


Daysi’s degree is in Latin American studies and Spanish, with a minor in Portuguese. She was an advocate for student involvement, part of the Latino council and president of the Latin America Studies Association.  Her academic studies allowed her to travel, especially for a semester at the Federal University of Minas Gerais in Brazil. She also went to Costa Rica and South Africa through College of Humanities and Social Sciences study abroad programs. Daysi plans to return to Brazil and work for a non-profit organization where she will continue to study the Portuguese language.


Jenn’s degree is in child and adolescent studies, with a minor in sociology. She joined the Zeta Tau Alpha sorority and has enjoyed every minute of it.  She joined the Jumpstart Student Association, enabling her to work closely with children from disadvantaged backgrounds and to help them with their literacy skills. She says her experience at CSUF has been unforgettable and one of her best college memories was Summer Bridge 2009.  Jenn plans to apply as a substitute teacher for Orange County schools and keep her current job.  Within two years, she plans to have the money for graduate school at CSUF, in its credential and master's program.  Jenn’s ultimate goal is to become an elementary school teacher.


Nicole’s degree is in communications, with an emphasis in public relations and a minor in sociology. In her leadership positions, she was co-president on the Guardian Scholars Student Advisory Committee; coordinator for the Newport Beach Film Festival Irish Showcase; and she planned/implemented a public relations campaign for the Trauma Intervention program.  As an intern with Skylon Sports, she found it rewarding because she helped with their Rockford Fosgate partnership.  She says college was an amazing experience and she couldn't have done it without her Guardian Scholars family. Nicole plans to give back, be a voice for foster youth and, using her passion for public relations, help the growth of advocacy programs within and for the foster care community.


The Members of HHUG are delighted to have visited with Daysi, Jenn and Nicole through the years, and to have seen their excitement, passion, laughter and personal growth.  Their academic achievements and social outreach efforts are amazing.  Each one of these exceptional young women took great advantage of the opportunities they discovered throughout their college journey. While they are each going in widely divergent careers, their poise, energy and dedication to "paying forward" is heartwarming and impressive.

Guardian Scholar Champions

Articles from 2015

   C H I L L W I N D S H A V E A R R I V E D! H H U G W E C O M E S Y O U T O T H E A U T U M N A N D W I N T E R S E A S O N S O F H O L I D A Y F U N, S H A R I N G A N D B L E S S I N G S ! ! O u r H H U G M e m b e r s w i s h a l l o f y o u t h e b e s t H o l i d a y s p o s s i b l e ! W e a g a i n s a y T H A N K Y O U ! T h e o u t r e a c h w e d o i n o u r c o m m u n i t i e s w i t h t h e h o m e l e s s and m e n t a l l y i l l c o u l d n o t b e d o n e w i t h o u t y o u r c o n t i n u i n g s u p p o r t . P L E A S E C H E C K O U T O U R H O M E P A G E, C O M I N G A C T I V I T I E S A N D M O S T R E C E N T A R T I C L E S !

Many Thanks

to all of you who responded to our Seeds to Sow, Gardens to Grow mailing. Your donations are helping us plant seeds for the positive growth of former foster youth attending college, pregnant or parenting teens, homeless folks and those who battle mental illness. We hope you will plant the milkweed seeds you received and contribute to the positive growth of our beautiful, but diminishing, monarch butterflies. May all of our gardens flourish!!












Our Call to Send Your Old Shoes Traveling was Heard Loud and Clear!

Thanks to your donations HHUG was able to donate

over 3200 pairs of shoes to Funds2Orgs.

This unique fundraising project was a win for all involved:

Donors: Many closets, car trunks and stinky gym lockers were cleaned out!


Recipients: Received 3200 plus pairs of shoes for start-up businesses to help employ and train those living in underdeveloped countries.


HHUG: All these shoes translated in a donation of $1,319.00 to HHUG from Funds2org!


Our Communities: The donation to HHUG will be used to serve those in the Los Angeles and Orange Counties facing hunger, homelessness and mental illness.


The members of HHUG wish to express our gratitude for your support on this project.  Our success is ONLY because of YOU.


Since starting this project, we have learned that many other organizations and churches participate in this program with Funds2Org. HHUG is not currently continuing the project; however, we encourage you to seek others that are participating. Many will benefit from this program so, please




Our fan-favorite event! Mark your calendars for



All the things you have enjoyed will be there for your fun and enjoyment – beautiful Opportunity Baskets, raffle tickets (we promise not to run out this year), a repeat of our very successful Silent Auction, good food and good company!!

Long Beach Multi-Service Center

"Winter Project"


During November and December, HHUG collects new and gently used warm winter clothing for distribution to the homeless and needy families during the winter months. The items needed for both adult men and women include:

• Sweaters

• Coats

• Sweat shirts

• Raincoats (El Nino poses a serious threat)

• Socks (Tube) (new, please)


Should you wish to donate,

please contact Jane Martin at 562.496.4659 or

or Susan Hopewell at 562.754.5059 or


We will gladly arrange to pick-up your items or a time and place for you to drop them off.


Thank you for giving this your consideration.







HHUG is collecting used shoes for



Funds2Orgs sends shoes overseas to underdeveloped  countries where small start-up businesses

accept the shoes and

repair and/or clean them up for resale.


For every 2500 pairs of shoes we send,

Funds2Orgs will donate $1000 to HHUG



Our goal: 2500 pairs of shoes.


Of course, we would gladly take 5000 pairs!

We need help – YOUR help!

All types of shoes accepted:

Men’s, Women’s, Children’s, sports, dressy, sandals, casual,

and any shoes in need of repair


Clean your closet out and help a new business

in a third world country.


Contact a HHUG member to arrange pick up or delivery of your shoes


or call the HHUG office at 562.496.4659

Shoe donations accepted

through August & in to September 2015


Spend a Fun-Filled Day with us at VIEJAS

AUGUST 29, 2015

Departs from 120th Street & Crenshaw (Metro Lot)

Boarding: 7:30 AM       Departing: 8:30 AM        Returning: 6:30 PM

Enjoy refreshments, games, and prizes on the bus. Play games, shop or do both- It’s your pleasure!



Donation: $20 Send Check or M.O. payable to HHUG:


HHUG •2892 Bellflower Blvd. Suite 357• Long Beach, CA 90815

Contact: E. Thomas (562) 921-6434


J. Martin (562) 496-4659


                                                   Milkweed seeds to sow,

Your gardens to flourish and grow,

Monarch butterflies - gentle and beautiful for you to enjoy.


 W E L C O M E T O H H U G ‘ S S P R I N G A N D S U M M E R A N N O U N C E M E N T S A N D U P D A T E S ! W e w i s h y o u a l l w o n d e r f u l m o n t h s t o c o m e ! A b o v e a l l, we T H A N K Y O U f o r y o u r c o n t i n u i n g i n t e r e s t i n , a n d s u p p o r t of o u r w o r k w i t h t h e h o m e l e s s a n d m e n t a l l y i l l. P L E A S E C H E C K – O U T O U R H O M E P A G E, C O M I N G A C T I V I T I E S A N D M O S T R E C E N T A R T I C L E S.

Thanks to so many friends of HHUG, we reached 2600 pairs of shoes which have been picked-up!!  Just amazing!!  The donation to HHUG is slightly over $1000 dollars.  Funds2orgs has allowed us to continue collecting through August and into September.  If you wish to have a pick up, just let us know.  Thank you again!!



On August 29th, 2016, those participating in our Viejas HHUG Fund Raiser rose at an early hour so we could begin our bus ride by 8 AM.  Upon arrival at the Casino, a Representative greeted us warmly and presented us with discount coupons for shopping at the outlet, for dining at our restaurant of choice and the bowling alley. Afterwards, we went to the complimentary beverage and snack area and finally all were off to their favorite entertainment area.


Many of the guests enjoyed playing games, while some others “shopped till they dropped.” All enjoyed dining at the various restaurants, however, Viejas Casino has one of the best buffets among the California Casinos and the majority of the guests enjoyed the “all you can eat and drink” atmosphere.


After playing games, dining, shopping, networking and just having fun, we boarded the bus and headed home, while snacking on popcorn, crackers, beverages, watching a movie and/or napping. We again thanked our guests for their contribution to the success of this fund raiser. We also thanked the Bus Driver for a Safe Trip there and back.



HHUG couldn’t answer the call without our wonderful supporters.  HHUG is very grateful to you all for your donations of time, goods and money for this project.  We are especially honored that you trust your donations to HHUG and have shared information about HHUG and our projects with your friends, who in turn have donated.


It takes a village.  Bless you all for being part of the “village of caring, village of hope” for those in need in our community.


2015 Homeless Count Update

The results of the count were recently released.  While the homeless count in all neighboring cities increased, the homeless count in Long Beach dropped a remarkable 18%!  Elsa Ramos and the entire MSC staff are extremely proud that their efforts and dedication have had such great success.  She was especially proud that the homeless count of Veterans was down dramatically - the MSC team has set a goal to end homelessness of Veterans in Long Beach by Veteran’s Day this year!

Each Winter HHUG supports MSC’s Winter Project by donating warm clothing, personal hygiene products and snack food items for distribution to the homeless clients served by MSC. This is the 3rd year HHUG, Friends of HHUG and our many supporters have participated. On December 15, 2014 HHUG delivered 51 boxes to MSC. These boxes were filled with over 500 pair of new socks, over 125 new and gently used winter coats, jackets and rain coats, 150 hand knit scarves and caps as well as many blankets, first aid kits, sunscreen, personal hygiene products (razors, toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, etc.), snack foods and baby food. MSC staff were thrilled when we drove up with a pick-up truck and car packed to overflowing.


HHUG has been honored to partner with MSC since 2009. Goods and services provided by HHUG assist homeless individuals and families with meeting their immediate needs and help them move through the continuum of care toward self-sufficiency. During 2014 alone, HHUG's donations of purchased and donated goods exceeded $8,000 and HHUG members and Friends of HHUG contributed over 425 volunteer hours working on MSC projects. HHUG is committed to continuing our partnership with MSC in 2015.


We have already started collecting items for the 2015 Winter Project!


Long Beach 2014

Multi-Service Center Winter Project

Long Beach 2015 Homeless Count - Everyone Counts!


Every two years, the US Department of Housing and Urban Development requires cities to conduct a homeless count and provide results to be eligible for Federal funding.  This year over 300 volunteers gathered at the Long Beach Multi-Service (MSC) center in the very early hours of the morning on January 29 (4 a.m.!) to conduct the count in Long Beach.  Volunteers have a variety of responsibilities from setting up Volunteer check-in tables to signing out Count Teams to specific location within the city to locate the homeless.


Teams of 3 or 4 go out in the community to interview those living on the streets and in shelters.  Each team takes a backpack filled with new socks, snack foods, personal hygiene toiletries and a variety of informational pamphlets to leave with those they interview.  The goal is not just to count them but to help them find a particular service that would be helpful to their individual needs, such as mental health services; Veteran’s services and transitional housing information.

Although the count is mandated, there is no funding provided by HUD to actually conduct the count.  Elsa Ramos, MSC Coordinator, along with her staff and other community leaders develop the plan, recruit volunteers and put the word out for financial donations as well as donations of goods to support the project.  Elsa called HHUG.  HHUG and our many supporters answered the call.


On January 23, 2015, HHUG delivered a pickup truck and carload of boxes to MSC – over 30 boxes.  These boxes contained new T-shirts, new socks, hand-knitted scarves and caps, gently used winter coats and jackets, tubes of sunscreen, disposable razors and personal hygiene products.  We also delivered food items to help feed the volunteers and for distribution to the homeless, such as; energy bars, cookies, fruit snacks, cans of Vienna sausage, crackers, 30 pounds of bananas and 30 pounds of tangerines.





Applebee’s Flapjack Breakfast


Friends of HHUG and their invitees enjoyed coming together on Saturday, March 14th, 2015, for HHUG’s third annual fund raiser at Applebee’s in Norwalk.  We welcomed over 50 guests who were presented with orange juice and a filling hot breakfast of flapjacks, bacon, potatoes and coffee. Again, there were couples, parties of 3 or 4 and some larger groups that came early to be sure they could sit together.  Everyone enjoyed the gathering and shared a fun morning.


As before, HHUG Members fine-tuned their “once a year skills” as hostesses and servers, including busing!  We were all reminded that a smile and laughter make it easy and fun.


Some folks bought Tickets but knew they could not be present.  Those Tickets were offered to the Norwalk/La Mirada School District for use by needy school children and families in the community.


Applebee’s is part of the Calabee’s Corporation which offers non-profit organizations a means by which they can raise money for their identified cause.  The Corporation asks the organization to sell 100 Tickets at $10 each and allows the group to keep 50% of the money raised.  It is a most generous offer and we again appreciated the chance to do this on behalf of the projects supported by HHUG.


Thanks to all those who joined us for the Flapjack Breakfast and those who bought Tickets to be donated to others.  You are all so very appreciated.

Kid’s Consignment L. A. has huge sales of consigned items for babies and kids every few months. At the end of each sale, some charities are invited to pick up unsold donations. HHUG is a designated charity for their Torrance sales.


Our members fill our cars with gently used items and then transport them to Cover The Homeless Ministry in South Los Angeles (kids clothes), St. Anne’s Home for teen mothers and their babies in Silver Lake (clothes, toys, and blankets), Love Gives Foster Closet in Long Beach (clothes and toys) and three high schools in Long Beach that have programs designed to help teen parents remain in school (infant clothes, toys and accessories). These groups are delighted to distribute the items; the parents or foster parents who receive them are delighted to have such nice things for their babies and tots; and   HHUG is delighted to be the facilitators.


Thanks to Kristen Nelson, Kid’s Consignment’s CEO and Ilene Knebel, the charity coordinator for making our participation possible.  We appreciate them and enjoy partnering with them in this worthy endeavor.










An event like the Yard Sale does not just “happen," it takes wonderful friends and members who collect and donate an item or two or car loads of items for the sale and put in hours of behind the scenes preparation.


It takes Volunteers who simply, graciously donate their time and energy throughout the months and weeks before the actual day. On the day of the event itself, eleven plus folks joined in from before the sun came up until late afternoon.


With a constant flow of people coming by throughout the day, we raised over $1550 to assist the eighteen programs and projects supported by HHUG.


These programs work with and provide for those who are homeless in our communities and those who face the challenge of mental illness.


Proceeds also help support foster youth at CSU Fullerton and CSU Dominguez Hills who are transitioning to college.


All of our HHUG Members know we cannot do this

work alone...we know it ONLY works when

wonderful, giving, caring, loving

people join in the effort.








Hearts And Hands United In Giving (HHUG) has been a strong supporter of the “OUTREACH WE CARE”, Homeless Feeding Program. During the past three years HHUG has consistently made donations in an effort to assist the program in providing hot meals to the homeless population in downtown Los Angeles. This homeless community is located in the skid row area of Los Angeles. The program, headed by Ms. Lily Dennis and Mr. Theodis McCloud along with 30-35 volunteers meet on the first Saturday of each month on the corner of Towne and 5th Street and serve hot meals to the homeless population in the surrounding area. Approximately,300-350 individuals are served Fried Chicken, Rice, Pinto Beans, Green Beans, Corn on the Cob, Cabbage, Collard Greens, Salad, Bread, Deserts, Beverages and other dishes. In addition to providing hot meals, the group also offers clothing and toiletries to this population.


In an effort to enhance the appearance of the members of the program, it was decided that those members serving food should wear aprons along with the plastic gloves, already being worn. The gloves and the aprons would provide a more sanitary appearance.


HHUG was approached with this idea and the members of HHUG without hesitation voted to provide 25 aprons for the Homeless Feeding Program. The aprons were ordered with the name of the program printed on the front of the apron. On Saturday, February 7, 2015 at 8:00 a.m. a Blessing of The Aprons took place. For the past three months, the members of the “OUTREACH WE CARE” program have proudly worn their aprons. The male members of the group appear to be as proud and appreciative of the aprons as the female members. “OUTREACH WE CARE” is very grateful to HHUG for providing the aprons, as well as, financial and moral support given the program during the past three years.

  The Apron Project

Articles from 2016

photo of the HHUG Bunco Fundraiser




HHUG Bunco Fundraiser!

 We had a fabulous evening of Bunco!

The evening included a Silent Auction, Opportunity Prizes, Fabulous Gift Baskets, Appetizers, Wine and, of course, Bunco.

The cost:  $25.00 donation

Donations helped the homeless, mentally ill,

families in need

and children aging out of the foster care system.

For more information, please contact any HHUG member or call our HHUG office at 562.496.4659






Dream of a College Degree Achieved

Campus Salutes Former Foster Youth

May 6, 2016



Graduating Guardian Scholars are, from left, April Allton, Daniel Smith-Bryant, Angelica Quiroz, Hector Najar, President Mildred García, Stephanie Martin, Erica Ontiveros and Gary Gass.

Graduating seniors Tamika Jones, Gary Gass and Nicole Doherty celebrate.

A realization of dreams and the anticipation of promising futures set the celebratory tone when faculty and staff members, family, donors and friends gathered May 4 for Cal State Fullerton's annual Guardian Scholars Recognition Reception to honor nine graduating seniors.


The Guardian Scholars Program awards former foster youth a full scholarship to the University and provides the additional support — including mentoring and counseling — needed to help them achieve their educational and personal goals and transition to self-sufficient adulthood.


Established at Cal State Fullerton in 1998, the collaborative partnership between public agencies and the private sector, was the first of its kind in the nation.


This year’s graduating scholars are:

• April Allton, B.S. human services

• Nicole Doherty, B.A. art-studio art

• Gary Gass, B.A. business administration

• Tamika Jones, B.A. criminal justice and psychology

• Stephanie Martin, B.S. child and adolescent development - early childhood development

• Hector Najar, B.A. public administration

• Erica Ontiveros, B.S. human services

• Angelica Quiroz, B.A. political science

• Daniel Smith-Bryant, B.A. psychology


“We could not be more thrilled as we celebrate the transformation and accomplishments of these students,” said Berenecea Johnson-Eanes, vice president for student affairs. ”These students are brilliant, resilient, determined and energetic as they balance their lives and thrive — no matter what! We are so, so very proud of you.”

The scholars also addressed the audience at the reception.


“Everyone thought I’d end up on drugs, in jail, or homeless,” said Tamika Jones. “Instead I am graduating from Cal State Fullerton. While a student here, I was able to study at the University of London for a semester. I also was trained to work as a behavioral therapist with children who have autism. Now my goal is to transition into law enforcement and serve as a probation officer.”


“When I was 15, I wasn’t thinking of college,” said Stephanie Martin. “I wanted to turn 16 so I could get out of my house. School was an escape for me. Being in Guardian Scholars taught me I could achieve anything as long as I was willing to do the work. They make me feel like this was a family.”


Erica Ontiveros will move on to a master’s program in social work at UCLA … on a full scholarship. “I couldn’t have made it to this point without Guardian Scholars,” Ontiveros said. “I didn’t believe in myself. But because people here believed in me, I found a chance to better my life. Now I want to do for others what was done for me.”


“We are here to celebrate these amazing students,” said President Mildred García. “They have overcome unprecedented obstacles. More than one-third of foster children have been abused, 65 percent are emancipated with no place to live, and only three percent go on to college, let alone graduate. Yet the graduation rate of our scholars is 70 percent, with an average GPA of 3.02.


"In addition, these students support others through a dozen outreach events each year. As these nine Guardian Scholars graduate and realize their dreams, we want you to know how proud we are of you … and we appreciate all the supporters who were there — family members, friends, donors, faculty and staff — all the people who helped ensure you would get here.”


- See more at:



Success with the Guardian Scholars Programs

California State University Fullerton

California State University Dominguez Hills




Dorothy Moore and Jane Martin, both Members of HHUG, had the pleasure of and so enjoyed being present for the Dominquez Hills Toro Graduation. The graduates were thrilled to have successfully made this long journey from entry, through difficulty and uncertainty to confident young men and women with a determination to keep moving up and forward. One gentleman began his Toro journey with newborn triplets, continued a full time job and stayed in college.  Upon graduation, he was a graduating scholar, still working and had 4 kids!! The energy in the campus 1910 Cafe was electric and at moments filled with laughter, tears and memories shared by young people, good friends and all graduates. Uplifting.


Danielle Chambers, their previous Director of Student Support Services, Joshua Williams, their current Director, and Maite Zatala-Alday, Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations were present to join in the fun, share some poignant thoughts about this journey and their future. Students stood in appreciation and gratitude. Danielle’s presence was especially touching and you could easily see how dedicated she is to the Program and how much of an impact she has on the students. Just a loving highlight of the afternoon and all the relationship-building and guidance that went before it.


HHUG was acknowledged for helping support the Program as was the Women's Philanthropic group which as has supported them long before HHUG entered the picture. It was very thoughtful for them to do so.


Dorothy and Jane were joyously uplifted. We wish every graduate a future filled with continued learning, confidence, life-enjoyment and every happiness.




On Saturday, April 23rd, 2016, HHUG Members welcomed over 80 guests to our 4th Annual Applebee’s Fundraiser. This year we changed locations and enjoyed the morning at Applebee’s in the Lakewood Mall. Guests looked for old friends and met new friends as well. There was a lot of laughter, smiles and joking around!


Everyone enjoyed Applebee’s hot food, including flapjacks with butter and syrup, sausage, eggs, potatoes and beverages.  HHUG Members once again became hostesses and servers. Three of our guests wanted to help and we welcomed them with open arms; they helped serve & clean up throughout the event. We are so grateful to Janessa Thomas, Shirley Creighton & Michelle Kennedy.


When friends buy tickets and cannot join us, they often donate those tickets which HHUG then offers to local schools that serve needy students and families. This year we were delighted to have five families join us, including elementary age children, their parents and siblings. We had coloring books and crayons which most of the kids seemed to like…a little diversion always is good.


The Raffle was fun and successful, with gifts such as indoor house dish plants, decorative pencils, jewelry, family picture frames and an Applebee’s Gift Card.


We want to say thank you to Applebee’s (Apple America Group) for their partnership with non-profit, community groups like HHUG. They ask us to sell 100 tickets at $10 apiece. Their contribution to HHUG is 50% and those dollars go to the programs and projects HHUG helps support.











Since 2009, HHUG members and Friends of HHUG have supported residents living in homes through the Quality of Life (QOL) program of the San Gabriel Valley National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI).


This Holiday Season, we donated more than 45 gift boxes filled with personal hygiene products, books, socks, games, snacks, etc. for the men and women living in several Board and Care facilities.  Looking back to our first year of providing support, we donated about 15 such boxes.  Now, 45 residents are being served.

Beginning in 2015, in addition to the gifts, HHUG also now contributes a quarterly grant to QOL and these monies help buy movie tickets, Target gift cards, bowling passes, LA County Fair tickets, art supplies, and so much more.


Many of the recipients have no family. These gifts and activities bring joy and the reminder that they have not been forgotten.


We are honored to support this wonderful program, as it truly enhances the quality of life of these residents. To our friends and volunteers of HHUG, thank you for your continuing support which makes this possible.  We recognize that our personal lives are also enhanced as we look for interesting and useful items, and fill and wrap the gift boxes, knowing that we are helping make the holidays a little brighter for these folks.



Should you wish to donate specifically to this program,

please contact Gladys Nagy at 310.538.1116 or

If she is not available, please call

Jane Martin at 562.496.4659 or

NAMI logo - National Alliance of Mental Illness

Every November HHUG partners with MSC to provide warm clothing and food for those in our community living on the streets. HHUG sends out the call for help with this project and our supporters respond with caring hearts. The response from supporters in 2015 was amazing. We are grateful and humbled by your generosity.   During the month of November, through donations from Friends of HHUG and from long-time supporters of our projects, combined with a grant from HHUG, we collected and purchased warm clothing, personal hygiene products, rain coats, blankets and easy access snack foods. On December 10, 2015 we delivered 55 boxes to MSC. Yes!  55 boxes!


These boxes contained:


•  130 coats and jackets, both new and gently used

•  Over 300 pairs of new socks

•  100 rain coats

•  Over 130 hand knit hats with matching scarves (many thanks to our loyal and talented Leisure World knitters!)

•  Personal hygiene products such as soap, shampoo, razors, toothpaste, toothbrushes, lip balm, and sunscreen.

•  Cartons of protein bars, granola bars, fruit cups, Vienna sausages, cheese and peanut butter crackers.


During December and early January 2016 these items

were distributed by MSC staff to their homeless clients.

Your donations go directly to those most in need.

photo of the Long Beach Multi-Service Center

Long Beach Multi-Service Center (MSC) "Annual Winter Project"

HHUG members wish to thank you for your continuing support of this project



Fun, Flapjack Breakfast

New Location

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Come join us at our new location -

Applebee's at the Lakewood Shopping Center!

What more could you ask?  A fun, hot breakfast with friends and a chance to stroll in the Mall!

A perfect morning!

photo of the HHUG Bunco Fundraiser





HHUG Bunco Fundraiser is Back!

Join us for a fabulous evening of Bunco!

The evening includes a Silent Auction, Opportunity Prizes, Fabulous Gift Baskets, Appetizers, Wine and, of course, Bunco.

The cost:  $25.00 donation

Your donation will help the homeless, mentally ill, families in need

and children aging out of the foster care system.

For more information, please contact any HHUG member or call our HHUG office at 562.496.4659.

We will keep you posted as these events come closer.

We love having you join us and look forward

to seeing you all in 2016!!




On Tuesday Morning, November 24, 2015 at 6:00 a.m., Church Cooks began arriving at St. Andrews Missionary Baptist Church to prepare Thanksgiving Meals for the homeless and underserved population in the Los Angeles Jefferson Park Community. The menu for the day consisted of Ham, Turkey & Dressing, Vegetables, Salads, Desserts, Rolls and Beverages.


Families began arriving at approximately 9:30 a.m. at which time they selected needed clothing items which had been donated by Church members as well as HHUG members. With their gathered items safely set aside, and after a word of prayer, they enjoyed a hearty meal. There were approximately 150 women, men and children in attendance for the Thanksgiving Meal. For most of those in attendance this was the only hot meal that they would be receiving during the Holiday Season. All appeared to have enjoyed the meal and they were thankful for the clothes received.


St. Andrews Missionary Baptist Church wants to “Thank HHUG” and the friends of HHUG for their support of and donation to this event.

   We Welcome you to our Hearts and Hands United in Giving (HHUG) web-site! This is our 11th year providing support for those who are homeless and mentally ill in our Los Angeles and Orange County communities. Our support efforts also assist former foster youth who are transitioning to college and/or vocational training. YOUR CONTINUING AND GENEROUS SUPPORT HAS MADE ALL OF THIS POSSIBLE! ON BEHALF OF HHUG AND MOST OF ALL THOSE RECEIVING THE BENEFITS OF YOUR CONTRIBUTIONS, WE THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH. We invite you to check out our web-site for recent articles, up-coming activities and general information. SPECIAL FUND RAISING ACTIVITIES THIS YEAR INCLUDE APRIL 23RD FOR APPLEBEE’S PANCAKE BREAKFAST AND AUGUST 13TH FOR OUR FAMOUS BUNCO EVENING!! Thank you all. If you wish, please contact any Member of HHUG.

Phone: 562.496.4659


Mailing Address: 2892 North Bellflower Blvd, Suite 357, Long Beach, CA 90815




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