Participating Members

HHUG Members are committed to serving our communities, focusing on people whose needs often include help regarding homelessness, mental illness, a lack of basic necessities, health care, education and housing. Members contribute their time, energy and personal involvement with specific projects. The number of projects and programs being supported each year continues to grow and we are dedicated to raising funds to meet those needs.


Members meet on the fourth Saturday of every month, at 3 PM, and we rotate from home to home, bringing light dinner refreshments. Members pay $10 monthly in dues. Sub-Committee meetings are held when needed. Member Liaisons, who provide support for each of our funded programs, regularly visit and/or remain in touch with those programs.



Susan Hopewell

Founding Member: November, 2005


Clint Arnold

Member: August, 2010


Jane Martin

Founding Member: November, 2005


Dorothy Moore

Member: January, 2007


Gladys Nagy

Founding Member: November, 2005

Community Liaison

Nancy Signer

Founding Member: November, 2005

Vice President

Paula Snowden

Founding Member: November, 2005

Information Systems

Emma Thomas

Founding Member: November, 2005


Candace Trevino

Member: February, 2008

Community Liaison

Members enjoy a special camaraderie and share in occasional social outings (i.e., museums, plays and dinners), laughing together and supporting each other through friendship.   Volunteers, the ‘Friends of HHUG’ and others are welcome to join in those outings. No HHUG monies are used for such activities.

Phone: 562.496.4659


Mailing Address: 2892 North Bellflower Blvd, Suite 357, Long Beach, CA 90815




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