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Hearts and Hands United in Giving (HHUG)

History 2005 – 2018

Celebrating HHUG’s 13th Anniversary


HHUG was a dream in November 2005 and over the past 10 years, has developed into a small, socially responsible, non-profit community-based organization. Our continuing vision fuels our growth and financial resources so that we might better support those who are underserved. HHUG is based on the concept of a Giving Circle, which often begins with a small network of friends who share a common interest in a social cause and a desire to make a positive impact in their community in support of that cause.


In the ten years of HHUG’s existence, the growth and outreach of our organization is defined by having supported individuals and families and over thirty community partners, including the fifteen agencies, programs and projects we currently help financially and through donations of basic necessities; explored and adopted new programs/projects; touched the lives of the needy receiving services through programs for the homeless and those suffering from mental illness; and developed partnerships within the communities we serve. Our outreach to former foster youth aging out of the system has impacted many determined, hard-working, forward-thinking young people so they are able to enter college and pursue their education. Several of these students have now graduated from college and are pursuing their chosen careers or have chosen to continue their education by attending graduate school.


HHUG has enjoyed the generous, wonderful support and presence of numerous energetic friends, volunteers, “Friends of HHUG,” and donors.  Through their commitments and donations, HHUG is privileged to have provided over $48,000 in grants from 2006 through June, 2016. (Please see the chart below, “HHUG Grants Awarded - Financial Summary.”)


HHUG will continue to be good stewards of the generous donations, both monetary and goods, received.


HHUG Grants Awarded - Financial Summary

$  13,685

 $    4,482

 $    6,000

$    7,367

 $    7,869

 $    9,160

 $  48,563






2016 (through June):

Grand Total:

100 %

of your donations go to the community programs and services we support

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HHUG is a Non-profit organization, recognized by the Internal Revenue Service (ID# 45-3987303) and State of California (No. 3233508).