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With your ongoing, generous support of time, contributions, energy and in-kind donations, HHUG has been able to continue our efforts to help the homeless, veterans, foster youth transitioning to college and those struggling with mental health issues.







Thank you so much.

Please check out our website for recent articles, 2017 events and information about our nonprofit efforts.

Enjoy Spring and the coming Summer months.


Please Save the Dates!



Please save the date!

 Wednesday, September 27, 2017

11:30 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Domenico’s Italian Restaurant

25% of your purchase is donated to HHUG! Includes takeout orders, dine in and bar! A great opportunity to stroll Second Street in Belmont Shore,

do a little shopping, have a delicious meal and support a great cause!

We hope you can attend.


Click below to download and print the flyer. Please bring it with you.



Please check out Domenico’s menu




January through August 31st
"Keep those shoes coming" - every pair makes a difference!  You're wonderful!!

Many of you contributed to our “Shoes Traveling” Fund Raiser in 2015 and, thanks to you and your friends, HHUG received over 3200 pairs of shoes. They were picked up by Funds2org for delivery to under developed countries throughout the world to help start small, independent businesses in towns and villages. Funds2org donated over $1350 to HHUG. So, if you are inclined to reach out to your friends again, and might just want to clean out your own closets as well, HHUG would be most grateful for your shoe donations.


HHUG recently selected the recipients for the 2017 Sherry’s Gift.  The deserving recipients are Meals on Wheels, Promise Purses, Bethune, MHALA. Please visit our website in June 2017 for pictures and more information about these organizations and the items donated by HHUG.  For more information about the Sherry’s Gift project, please see our Special Projects link.



February through May 31st

This was our primary fund raiser for the year and it was a success! We hope you use your HHUG magnet – you never know when you might want to reach us. Many thanks to all who contributed!


Saturday, May 20th, at the Lakewood Shopping Mall

Everyone loves to come for a fun morning, hot breakfast, a chance to talk with friends and participate in drawings and gift give-a-ways! We had over 75 people in attendance and everyone had a great time.


Anyone who wishes to donate to HHUG and/or attend any or all of the events mentioned above,

don’t be shy…jump right in.

You are welcome to call any of our Members

or our Office at 562.496.4659.


Thanks for your interest, investment in caring and willingness to step forward to help.


PS:  No, we will not have a Bunco activity this year BUT your support in 2016 was out of sight!!  Huge thank you.




To impact the lives of the underserved in our communities, HHUG provides resources to improve their circumstances as they strive toward self-sufficiency.



An Introduction to

Hearts and Hands United in Giving (HHUG)

2005 – 2017


Hearts and Hands United in Giving (HHUG) is based on the concept of a Giving Circle which typically begins with a small network of friends who share a common interest in a social cause and a desire to make a positive impact in their community in support of that cause.  Members are committed, both personally and financially, to making a direct impact on those in our communities who are underserved.


HHUG was a dream in November 2005 and over the past 10 years, has developed into a small, socially responsible, community-based non-profit organization. Our continuing vision fuels our growth and financial resources so that we might better support those who are underserved.


HUGG’s Shared Values, Vision and Mission Statements provide more insight about our members and our goals.




Integrity, Diversity, Respect, Tolerance,  Self-Reliance, Humor, Commitment, Cooperation and Enthusiasm




To directly and personally impact those in our communities affected by socially adverse circumstances, HHUG raises revenue, identifies community resources, provides referral information and distributes grants.



HHUG is eager to welcome new members who wish to be a part of this effort.  Please contact us for more information regarding membership,

donations and grant applications.


WOW!  2016 Bunco Raised Over $10,000



Our 2016 Bunco was our most successful fundraiser yet – over $10,000 raised thanks to YOU! It was a fun-packed evening for everyone. Over 100 guests enjoyed a Happy Hour of wine, appetizers and salads while being mystified and amazed by the magic tricks of 13-year-old Magician, Luke Burns. Guests were completely captivated by his talent. Luke not only volunteered his amazing talent for this event, he also donated his services for our Silent Auction. Other Silent Auction items included hand-made quilts, Disney Collectibles, Jewelry, a watercolor painting and so much more. Bidding was quite enthusiastic and competitive for many of the items with guests hovering over bid tickets trying to protect their bid and prevent new bids. After the Silent Auction ended, we all enjoyed a rousing game of Bunco. During the evening we also found time for our Opportunity Drawing of 50 beautiful gift baskets and many gift cards for movies and restaurants. HHUG is overwhelmed and grateful for the support of volunteers who helped make this event a success. Volunteers provided donations of food, drinks, opportunity prizes, and their time to help put opportunity baskets together and to set up and decorate the room the day of the event. HHUG would not be able to conduct this event if it were not for our hard-working volunteers. You Rock!


Another successful Winter Project!


2016 marked our 4th Annual Winter Project for the Long Beach Multi-Service Center (MSC). Every November we begin collecting and purchasing items for MSC personnel to distribute to their homeless clients during the month of December.  Many Friends of HHUG and long-time supporters have donated to this project each year with contributions of handmade items, purchased items and monetary donations. These contributions, combined with a grant from HHUG, resulted in a delivery of over 60 boxes of warm clothing containing over 300 pairs of new socks, dozens of blankets, rain coats, personal hygiene products and easy open, non-perishable snack food items. HHUG would like to give special recognition and gratitude to Friend of HHUG, Kay Matthews, who once again donated over 100 hand knitted scarves and 100 hand knitted caps!  We are grateful to all who participated in this project. We know you have many requests for donations from many worthy non-profits. We are honored that you entrust your donation to HHUG. We want you to know your donation goes directly to those most in need.



Homeless Count January 2017



Every two years the Long Beach Multi-Service Center (MSC) conducts Everyone Counts – a city-wide count of individuals and families that are homeless. During the count, volunteers go out in teams to count, interview and inform the homeless of available programs and services, based on their individual needs. Since 2013, HHUG has participated in this project with donations of warm clothing, packs of personal hygiene products, easy open snack foods, protein bars and new socks. These items are distributed as each team conducts an interview. A HHUG grant and donations from generous Friends of HHUG and long-time supporters resulted in HHUG delivering over 40 boxes to MSC for this project.


The results of the Homeless Count will be available in March or April. The data is used to help understand the changes and trends of the homeless population and provide programs and services accordingly. If you are interested in learning more about homeless issues in the Long Beach area and the results of the 2017 Homeless Count please visit website:

Community Involvement

Events - Projects - Programs - Partners


Community involvement is the heart and soul of our organization. Each project, partnership and grant recipient represents another way in which our efforts touch the lives of those who really are in need.


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Join Us



We are always looking for new members. Our Mission and Vision Statements define our purpose and goals as a non-profit organization.


Integrity, diversity, respect, tolerance, self-reliance, humor, commitment, cooperation and enthusiasm are values shared by our members. HHUG is eager to welcome new members who wish to be a part of this effort.


Please contact us for more information: 562.496.4659

email address: hhug@earthlink.net

Mailing address:

HHUG, 2892 North Bellflower Blvd., Suite 357, Long Beach, CA 90815

How You Can Help


Hearts and Hands United in Giving (HHUG) is a non-profit humanitarian organization dedicated to improving the lives of those within our communities who are affected by homelessness and mental illness. Many situations involve families and children at risk.



With help from friends and donors like you, HHUG Members work with individuals and local organizations to raise funds, provide monetary grants, develop referrals, fill requests for those who “fall through the cracks” and act promptly to meet community needs.


YOU CAN HELP!  HHUG is a Non-profit organization, recognized by the Internal Revenue Service (ID# 45-3987303) and State of California (No. 3233508). When you do make a gift (money, time, goods, ideas), you WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE!



If you wish to make a contribution, you are welcome to:


DONATE MONEY: Please complete the form at the end of this page, make your check payable to “HHUG” and mail to the Post Office address shown. For your convenience, HHUG now offers a secure PayPal option for those who wish to use it.







DONATE ITEMS: Items such as travel-size personal hygiene products (shampoo, lotion, soap), gently used clean towels and wash cloths, new disposable razors and baby supplies, including infant and toddler diapers, are always welcome. Please contact our HHUG Office at 562.496.4659 to arrange for a drop-off or a pick-up. We use private, family cars to transport these items. If you have large items, please contact us first to see if any of our programs have a specific need for those items before arranging for transportation.


DONATE VIA SMILE.AMAZON: Smile.Amazon.com is a way to shop with Amazon and donate to your favorite charity at the same time. You simply go to Smile.Amazon.com, register and select your charity of choice from their drop down list of charities. Next step – Shop! Amazon will donate 0.5% of the prices of your eligible AmazonSmile purchases to the charity of your choice. Of course, we hope your charity of choice will be Hearts and and Hands United in Giving, Long Beach, CA (HHUG). AmazonSmile is the same as Amazon – same products, same prices and same service. By shopping through AmazonSmile your purchases will translate to donations to HHUG. Now that really is a WIN-WIN situation.


DONATE TIME AND IDEAS: Please contact our HHUG Office at 562.496.4659 or send us an e-mail at hhug@earthlink.net.


Thank you for your concern, trust and investment for the well-being of the needy.




Become a “Friend of HHUG:” See "Friends of HHUG" below to learn more.


Become a Participating Member of HHUG: We are always looking for new members. Should you wish to visit a meeting, just let us know.


For more information about any of the above (including pick-up and drop-off arrangements for donated goods), please call HHUG at 562.496.4659.

Participating Members of HHUG


HHUG Members are committed to serving our communities, focusing on people whose needs often include help regarding homelessness, mental illness, a lack of basic necessities, health care, education and housing. Members contribute their time, energy and personal involvement with specific projects. The number of projects and programs being supported each year continues to grow and we are dedicated to raising funds to meet those needs.


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Friends of HHUG


In support of HHUG’s Mission, our projects and activities, some volunteers have provided on-going donations of time, services, and/or financial support. To recognize these unique contributing volunteers, we created the "Friends of HHUG." Each of our “Friends” has gone out of his/her way to offer additional help, often investing his/her own personal time and money. We are indebted to these volunteers. If interested in becoming a “Friend of HHUG,please contact HHUG at 562.496.4659.

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Effective November 13, 2012, the IRS approved our Tax Exempt Status and we are now a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization.

This was a rather challenging journey but we are excited about the possibilities this now opens for us

to support more of those in need of services in our communities.

Thank you all for taking this journey with us and encouraging us along the way.



Sub-Committees serve us well in that we have a relatively small membership. We all know, ‘many hands spread out the work, we do it more quickly and we get more done.’


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About Us


HHUG was a dream in November 2005 and has developed into a small, socially responsible, community-based organization, with a continuing vision that fuels our growth and financial resources so that we might better support those who are underserved. HHUG is based on the concept of a Giving Circle, which often begins with a small network of friends who share a common interest in a social cause and a desire to make a positive impact in their community in support of that cause.


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Members Click here for Grant Request

Phone: 562.496.4659


Mailing Address: 2892 North Bellflower Blvd, Suite 357, Long Beach, CA 90815


Email: hhug@earthlink.net


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HHUG is a Non-profit organization, recognized by the Internal Revenue Service (ID# 45-3987303) and State of California (No. 3233508).